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Reate Knives K-1 Blue/Silver

-authorized dealer-

  Be confident in your purchase!  We are an Authorized Reate Knives Dealer.  All our knives are new and come direct to us from the Reate Knives factory.  I work closely with David Deng to ensure my customers get exactly what they are looking for.  I also personally inspect each and every knife that I sell.  So you can shop TheKnifeJoker with confidence! 

-Knives and tools

for collecting and EDC-

  If you don't see what you are looking for on the site... Or if the item is out of stock... Contact us!

  We specialize in tracking down all of your knife, tool, collecting, and EDC desires.


Reate Knives Torrent


-Free shipping-

  Shipping is always FREE on a new purchase here at TheKnifeJoker to almost any US address.

  In addition,  international shipping is available to many countries upon request.  Please contact us if you have any special shipping needs or requests.

-Reate Knives-



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